The Hatred of Wisdom

Today, in this “Sit-n-Talk”, I discuss Misosophy, which is the hatred of wisdom. It is the lies we tell ourselves to avoid a painful truth.

How much of you is working against your own progress? How much of you is working to undermine yourself? How much of you is actually scared of success and working to avoid being successful?

I have found that most people are In fear of Freedom, Truth, and Wisdom. True Freedom requires an enormous amount of responsibility and effort to discover what is not true. The arduous process of negating what is not true, and then aligning with what we discover to actually be true. There are various forms of knowledge and wisdom, but when it comes to the knowledge of the self, we can see that people would rather spend time protesting against big brother than take the time to learn and understand thyself.

There is all sorts of “virtue signaling” that people will do in order to make it appear they are for human freedom and justice. However, when it comes to the hard truths that one must face along the journey to true freedom, we find that most people are not willing to take this path.

Below are some of the slides that I covered in a talk, Consciously Creating Freedom, back in August of 2019. If this sort of topic interests you then that might also be a good video to go through.


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