Consenting to Silence?

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Consenting to Silence can only fuel tyranny and will further accelerate humanities enslavement. In this episode, I will go over the problem of consenting to such censorship and also wrap up in the second half with solutions to censorship.


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Mind Control in Media


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The human mind is highly malleable and so is the human condition. As a programmable organism, if you want to use that terminology, we can be controlled and our perceptions manipulated and deceived. This practice has been done for thousands of years, if not hundreds of thousands of years (or more, possibly..?).

The thing about our perception is that we really don’t know a lot about this planet or the history of it and our part in its history. However, one thing we do know, even just based on what we can go out and witness in the modern-day, is that people are highly conditioned by their upbringing and surroundings. In that upbringing, there’s a generation or multiple generations now of people that have been brought up in the technocratic, cybernetic control grid.

The Media, being a reflection of our own entrainment into a window of controlled reality in which our perceptions of reality can easily be formed and manipulated.

In modern times, there has been a massive amount of engineering and a plethora of techniques that have created models of utility to make individuals conform to corporations, governments, militaries, to authority, to white lab coats, to people with flattering titles, and so on. “He’s a lawyer”, “he’s a doctor”, “she’s a doctor.” These titles of which “authority figures” in our lives that we should listen to. 

In the upcoming series on Mind Control, we will cover the belief in, and appeal to authority as being a logical fallacy. However, we will also go into basic methods of mind control in the media and talking about things like frequencies, colors, and fear and really drill down into basic methods that are used in manipulation through media and topics such as groupthink and collectivism.

Another walk-n-talk I did a back a few months ago called End Mind Control in Media – End Slavery also covers some of what we’re talking about here, with ending slavery. It’s not like I’m claiming to be some victim of a nonconsensual arrangement because I’m too dumb, weak, and powerless. Rather, it’s an exploration into the psychology of mind control and the current human condition.

What we are talking about is mental, psychological slavery. It’s in the mind. 

God is the Universe. Everything you see, everything that we know, everything that is in the Universe is Mind. One mind unfolding itself through the All. It’s not like we’re all the same and “one”. We are all part of the All and focusing on the fact that Mind is at the center we can then extrapolate out from there. 

This is a starting point that I’m claiming, and it could be argued. The other side of this argument would be Materialism. It’s an argument against mind and spirit. However, when you’re experiencing the mind and you’re even asking yourself about the mind, well, what’s the question, and who or what is asking it?

Who is it asking? Right, there is a mind. There is a dualism principle in operation, and in the Mind Control series, we’ll go into dualism and the dualistic aspect to reality. If it is unconscious to us, then that can be another form of leverage used to manipulate human beings.

Thus, we need to study the mind. We need to study how the mind generates reality, how creation works, because we’re a part of it.

This is obviously a massive point of interest and study, that our minds can be controlled.


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End Mind Control in Media – End Slavery

Today I discuss the idea of “End Slavery” and the concept therein. I also admin a FB page named, End Slavery, which you can follow if you’re still on that draconian platform.

Largely, the concept of End Slavery is a form of personal sovereignty. Of taking ownership of one’s own mind and cleaning out all the mind control and manipulation we take in through various forms of indoctrination.

It’s important to understand how the mainstream media is used to manipulate and mind control the population. It is especially important when we are facing the issues we face in the world today, such as the “c19” issue and the economic uncertainty that comes with it. Listening to the media could put you and your family at severe risk as they are known to lie and deceive the public into believing the exact opposite of what is true.

Are you working on your own content production projects? I’d like to learn more about how you create your content! I am creating a course for content creators and it would help to have some of your input. Email me at and we’ll discuss more.


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Media, Mind Control and Manipulation

In this video, I talk a bit about the local situation regarding the Coronavirus and people’s reactions to it. I also discuss the way media manipulates people and that people don’t understand this especially in times of crisis.

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