– Live Update 12-01-2019

Live Update 12-01-2019 Slides

This video was produced live on 12/01/2019.

I last provided an update with where things are at on June 1st 2019. I wanted to create a video to give updates with recent projects and upcoming works. I also discussed my family and gave a personal look at our life and recent travels.


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Episode 003 – Liberty Lifestyle featuring Bill Church

Welcome To The Third Episode of Liberty Lifestyle


In this episode Tyler sits down with Bill Church of The Free Your Mind Podcast to discuss Bill’s Liberty Lifestyle.

Bill is an experienced dog trainer, truth-seeker student of the Trivium method and his podcast helps to bring out critical information used to Free Your Mind.

Tyler and Bill discuss various important topics surrounding the Human Condition including Social Engineering, Mind Control, Cannabis Oil, Community, healing, and Seeking Truth.


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“Giving Truth the Liberty of appearing.”

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– Show Notes

Free Your Mind Podcast

Mark Passio

Jorden Maxwell

David Icke

Michael Tsarion

Freeman Fly

Alex Jones

(6m 40s)
Free Your Mind Podcast

Medicinal Cannabis

Free Your Mind Podcast #73 with Rick Simpson

Phoenix Tears


How to make cannabis oil using Countertop Distiller & FROZEN Alcohol

Cannabis and Canines- What you need to know – By Bill Church

(32m 40s)
The Emperor Wears No Clothes

(33m 50s)
Study from 1974 shows THC effective at shrinking tumors

(38m)Freedom Cells

Viktor Frankl

(40m 40sec)
Pavlov’s dog

(41m 30s)
Clip from ‘Human Resources’ – Metanoia Films

Milgram Expirements

(50m 35s)
Experimenter (2015)

(53m 35s)
Operant conditioning

The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Mark Devlin

(56m 55s)
Walden II – B.F Skinner

(1h 5m)
Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness

(1h 24m)
Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

Man’s Search for Meaning

The Creature from Jekyll Island : A Second Look at the Federal Reserve

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

None Dare Call It Conspiracy

Quadrivium: The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music, & Cosmology (Wooden Books)

The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric

Trivium: The Classical Liberal Arts of Grammar, Logic, & Rhetoric (Wooden Books)

(1h 34m)
Free Your Mind Conference

(1h 36m)
Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells

(1h 37m)
Voice Dream PDF Reader

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