Strength Through Adversity

Each one of us is facing a unique and challenging situation, but the main point I try to make here is that the ax is only sharpened on the stone, and we must face this friction and adversity in order to grow. We can work with this tension to strengthen and forge better ways of operating and being in the word.

Human consciousness can thrive in great devastation. It’s not that we wish for it, or require devastation, but rather it’s just an observation that we are extremely capable beings who can adapt and overcome anything when hard times come. The idea of Strength Through Adversity is something we can lean into and embrace which can be a path to rapid growth and true freedom.

We are able to discover more about ourselves when we are challenged. Through the challenge and tear down, we can then rebuild stronger. This is the process that we can then repeat and refine. That process can then help us continue to reinvent and to unfold and discover our massive potential.

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