Self-Mastery of the Internal Tyrant

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Fromm - Escape from Freedom

Fromm - Anatomy of Human Destructiveness


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Strength Through Adversity

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Each one of us is facing a unique and challenging situation, but the main point I try to make here is that the ax is only sharpened on the stone, and we must face this friction and adversity in order to grow. We can work with this tension to strengthen and forge better ways of operating and being in the word.

Human consciousness can thrive in great devastation. It’s not that we wish for it, or require devastation, but rather it’s just an observation that we are extremely capable beings who can adapt and overcome anything when hard times come. The idea of Strength Through Adversity is something we can lean into and embrace which can be a path to rapid growth and true freedom.

We are able to discover more about ourselves when we are challenged. Through the challenge and tear down, we can then rebuild stronger. This is the process that we can then repeat and refine. That process can then help us continue to reinvent and to unfold and discover our massive potential.

Are you working on your own content production projects? I’d like to learn more about how you create your content! I am creating a course for content creators and it would help to have some of your input. Email me at and we’ll discuss more.


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The Struggle For Freedom – Part 1 of Falling Into Movement Traps

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This video was produced live on 09/22/2019 and streamed via my various social media platforms.

The Struggle For Freedom is the first in the series, Falling Into Movement Traps. In this series, I will be discussing the issues surrounding the so-called “Freedom Movements” and the contradictions I’ve uncovered from the first-hand experience with these groups. In part 1, we take a deeper look at the struggle and find that there are very important questions regarding mans desire for freedom (or lack thereof).


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Consciously Creating Freedom

This video was produced live on 09/08/2019 and streamed via my various social media platforms.

I also have a new live streaming page you can use to watch the show and call in live to the show:

I also introduced the ability to take live calls to the show via the new Discord server. I will take calls and questions on the air after the end of the official presentations towards the end of the show.


Yĕhovah (Strong’s #H3068) – יְהֹוָה Yᵉhôvâh, yeh-ho-vaw’; from H1961; (the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jeho-vah, Jewish national name of God:—Jehovah, the Lord. Compare H3050, H3069.

Jehovah = “the existing One”
A. the proper name of the one true God.
1. unpronounced except with the vowel pointings of #0136.

“Jehovah, proper name of the supreme God amongst the Hebrews, (etc.) …allusion is made Exodus 3:14; “I (ever) shall be (the same) that I am (to-day);” the name being derived from the verb to be, was considered to signify God as eternal and immutable, who will never be other than SAME. Allusion is made to the same etymology, Hosea 12:6, “Jehovah (i.e.) the eternal, the immutable is his name.” [We have thus the authority of God in His word, that this name is derived from the idea of being, existence, and not from any relics of Egyptian idolatry With this may be compared the inscription of the Saitic temple, Plut. de Iside et Osiride… [This shews (shows) how Pagans borrowed ideas from the true theology of God’s revelation, and NOT that the later borrowed any thing from the former.]…”

Reference: Gesenius’s Hebrew Chaldee Lexicon Old Testament Scriptures

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Words Without Action – A Cult of Death

In this video I talk about actions vs words and how to properly focus on what matters. Often times I’ve found that in any “movements” (group thinking, heard-like mentality from cults of action/death) there will be blatant contradictions and fallacies within the movements.

One of the most obvious and commonly used fallacies within any movement is the argumentum ad populum, the logical fallacy most groups come to be guilty of through contradictory axioms which are revealed through false rhetoric and measuring ones works over their words.

We’ll take a section from Wikipedia (not something I’m condoning or deeming as ultimate truth, it’s just a useful link for general information) for a good general idea of what this logical fallacy is:

In argumentation theory, an argumentum ad populum (Latin for “argument to the people”) is a fallacious argument that concludes that a proposition must be true because many or most people believe it, often concisely encapsulated as: “If many believe so, it is so.”

This type of argument is known by several names,[1] including appeal to the masses, appeal to belief, appeal to the majority, appeal to democracy, appeal to popularity, argument by consensus, consensus fallacy, authority of the many, bandwagon fallacy, vox populi,[2] and in Latin as argumentum ad numerum (“appeal to the number”), fickle crowd syndrome, and consensus gentium (“agreement of the clans”). It is also the basis of a number of social phenomena, including communal reinforcement and the bandwagon effect. The Chinese proverb “three men make a tiger” concerns the same idea.

This fallacy is similar in structure to certain other fallacies that involve a confusion between the justification of a belief and its widespread acceptance by a given group of people. When an argument uses the appeal to the beliefs of a group of experts, it takes on the form of an appeal to authority; if the appeal is to the beliefs of a group of respected elders or the members of one’s community over a long period of time, then it takes on the form of an appeal to tradition.

Fiction, flattering titles, and mans legal matrix of nations, governments and legalism are the bars on the cage we’ve collectively created and accepted in our lives (myself included). Although we can spend time describing all the decorations of this prison an dress up our variations of pleading with evil we are extremely ineffective at changing the conditions for the better.

Exiting the matrix is often a struggle that entrenches one worse than they started out. Leaving them maimed and scorned against the unwavering, immutable effects which have been caused by mans ignorance and apathy toward Nature and it’s laws.


(The Brain is not meant to be a complete model of anything and is an ongoing work in which I store my thoughts and notes. Nothing in the brain should be taken as truth or my attempt to reveal truth. It’s simply a note taking space)


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Episode 006 – featuring Adam Kokesh. Peace, Love, and Screw the Government


Welcome to the sixth episode of the Liberty Lifestyle Podcast. Episode 006 – featuring Adam Kokesh. “Peace, Love, and Screw the Government.”

In this episode Tyler sits down with Adam Kokesh of Adam tells us about his journey up to this point. Including his experience of serving in the Iraq war and his profound realizations since that time.

Tyler and Adam then discuss what he is working on now. This includes Adams campaign for “Not President” in 2020, the Taxation Is Theft tour, and solutions toward Decentralization and Localizing systems of government that do not serve us by altering and/or abolishing these systems.

Although we support all efforts to decentralize and localize, including grassroots and bottom up efforts, we also support Adams interesting approach and what he feels is a very powerful way to get the message of Liberty to more people.


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– Show Notes

The Freedom Line

Kokesh For Not Presdent

Activists Under Fire

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Adam’s Civil Disobedience:

Taxation Is Theft Tour – #KokeshForNotPresident

2018 Libertarian National Convention

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The Freedom Line

Kokesh For Not Presdent

Activists Under Fire

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Episode 005 – Liberty Lifestyle featuring Eric McCool of Permagora


Welcome to the fifth episode of the Liberty Lifestyle Podcast.

In this episode Tyler sits down with Eric Mccool of Permagora to discuss Erics latest work, Permaculture, Agorism, and the journey to living a more free and prosperous life.

From the about page on Permagora

“Eric McCool is an author and permaculturist whose studies and work for the last six years have been focused on localization, community organizing, and sustenance gardening. Earlier academic studies he conducted at Boston and Baylor University, with emphasis on philosophy, history, and English.

Rather than completing his degree, Eric went off to travel and vagabond about, living on the streets, camping on the outskirts of civilization, working service and labor jobs for short stints to raise cash in between adventures. Discovery of permaculture and the new paradigm culture led him to Oregon, where he took a permaculture certification course and got to know some key people in the community of the Rogue and Umpqua Valleys. He went on to spend five years working on localization and community building projects in the small town of Glendale, and the focus of his studies center around local community and what people can do from where they are.

In the course of this work, Eric began to take note of matters of critical concern to the planet and society, developing an interest for activism and alternative media. Inspired by the many independent journalists who have been expanding the quality and reach of alt media, he began to develop ideas for content and programming that would bridge the worlds of permaculture and the alternative media.

Eric now resides in Southern Oregon with his wife and three daughters, growing gardens and exploring the beautiful natural places of the Northwest.”

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– Show Notes


Resource Based Economy




(1h 12m)

The Final Empire: The Collapse of Civilization and the Seed of the Future

The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming

Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practice of Green Philosophy

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening

New Libertarian Manifesto

Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture

Permaculture. A Designers’ Manual


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Eric’s Youtube Channel



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Authentic Vanishings in_Pawtucket
Overview Syndrome of Edgar Mitchell

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El Zombi Flash Invasin Gorila
02 Nao Se Deixe Enganar Instinto Animal


Episode 004 – Liberty Lifestyle featuring Derrick Broze


Welcome to the fourth episode of Liberty Lifestyle

Audio Download of Episode:

In this episode Tyler sits down with Derrick Broze of The The Conscious Resistance Network to discuss Derricks latest work, the Decentralize Your Life tour, Manifesto of the Free Humans, and more.

Derrick is a freelance journalist from Houston, Texas.

He writes for Activist Post, The Anti-Media and Mint Press News. He also does videos for The Conscious Resistance Network.

His work has appeared on Ben Swann’s Truth In Media, RT, Al Jazeera, The Corbett Report, and many more publications. He also works with The Houston Free Thinkers.


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– Show Notes

The Revolution: A Manifesto

Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids

Houston Free Thinkers

The Conscious Resistance 2017 tour

Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion

Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality

Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance


Free Your Mind Conference

Manifesto of the Free Humans


Freedom Cells

Flourish!: An Alternative to Government and Other Hierarchies

Coeō – The GeoSocial Network for Conscious ChangeMakers

The Conscious Resistance (feat. Derrick Broze)

New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel Edward III Konkin

An Agorist Primer

Men Against the State: The Expositers of Individualist Anarchism in America, 1827-1908

Society Against the State: Essays in Political Anthropology

The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia

On Disobedience: Why Freedom Means Saying “No” to Power

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

The 5 Love Languages

The Zen Teaching of Huang Po: On the Transmission of Mind

The Cosmic Serpent

The Gift

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Derrick on Patreon


The Conscious Resistance




Episode 001 – Liberty Lifestyle featuring Skyler J. Collins

Welcome To The Premiere Episode of  Liberty Lifestyle

Audio Download Link:

Today, Tyler sits down with Skyler J. Collins of to discuss Skylers path to Voluntaryism as well as many other topics in regards to Liberty.

About: was established in November 2011 by the editor, Skyler J. Collins. EVC is dedicated to promoting several philosophies consistent with the voluntary principle, that all human relations should happen voluntarily, or not at all. These philosophies cover politics, economics, education, and parenting. The following primers will introduce these philosophies: Voluntaryism, Free Markets / Agorism, Radical Unschooling, Peaceful Parenting

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

We look forward to having you with us in the future on the Liberty Lifestyle Podcast.

“Giving Truth the Liberty of appearing.”

Show Opens

(01m) Voluntaryism

(01m) Walter Williams

(01m) Thomas Sole

(03m) Economics For The Citizen by Walter Williams

Murray Rothbard

Ludwig von Mises

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Walter Block

Tom Woods

Robert P. Murphy

Lew Rockwell

Alfie Kohn

(14m) Thomas Jeferson Education

(14m) The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto (Hour 4 of 5)

(23m) Toward a Free Society

Toward a Free Society

(31m) Agorism

(42m) Freedom Cells – Networks For A Free Society

(42m) Unschooling

Radical Unschooling

(43m) John Holt

(53m) Alice Miller

The Body Never Lies: The Lingering Effects of Hurtful Parenting also viewed – Alice Miller

(55m) Prussian education system

Horace Mann

(56m) The Non-Aggression Principle

(59m) Search Results for: peaceful parenting

(1h2m) Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God – Paul Copan

(1h5m) Anarcho-capitalism

Voluntaryism vs. Anarcho-Capitalism

Anarcho-Capitalism and Economic Development

(1h 11m) Jurisdiction

(1h24m) Taxation Is Theft

Marc Stevens

– Additional Resources

Episode 060 – Skyler Interviewed on the No State Project

Skyler Interviewed on Anarchist Standard

Skyler Collins on “For the Love of Learning” Internet Show

Skyler J. Collins: Unschooling Father, Author, and Founder of – Seeds of Liberty Podcast

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Everything Voluntary

EVC Patreon