Voluntary Slaves. Voluntaryism, the doctrine of master-servant.


In this video I continue to discuss the issues with Voluntaryism and other “Freedom Movements”.

The above video on the Voluntary Slaves is an introduction of sorts to the upcoming series, “Falling In to the Movement Traps”. I’ll be publishing part one of this series soon.

In order to understand why I would title this post, “Voluntary Slaves”, we need to understand what Voluntaryism (or Voluntarism, Volunteerism and so on) really is. Not the fake and misinformed definition of what the libertarian activists think that it means, but what it really means.

In the video and in this brief article I will be bringing forth some of my arguments which I know will ruffle feathers for anyone in the Voluntaryist/Libertarian cults. I have even been associated with these cults in the recent past. Hopefully, I now have a better understanding of what these groups are all about after spending time in and around these movements.

Admittedly, this discussion and commentary is very surface level. In the future I would like to go much further in depth on the voluntary nature of our slavery and the nature of evil in this contract. Evil and destruction act under a mask which we end up condoning and even begging for, “voluntarily”. Of course, there are many things that could be completely voluntary and also maniacally evil.

Voluntaryism provides no shield or resistance in defense of freedom for those who condone and desire their slavery and condone it for you as well. What of those who voluntarily subject themselves to all manner of immoral and degrading behaviors which ultimately end up enslaving the larger society to external control? What if the vast overwhelming majority of people in a society are voluntarily subjecting themselves to forms of external rulership and control? Even if that external control is composed largely of psychopathic, satanic, pedophiles… what if people still voluntarily agree to go along with this system, what then for the “freedom movements”?

As you can clearly see, Voluntaryism is nothing but words. Just air spoken to sooth the inauthentic souls who are lost on their own personal path to freedom.

The reality of Voluntaryism is that it is the doctrine of master-servant, or that of master-slave. Government is a voluntary agency and all citizens of government are voluntarily so. The entire “voluntary society” movement is a misinformed fallacy by definition. What I’ve found is that these groups are basically bunch of children that know nothing about law and how citizenship actually works.

What’s needed is far more than these false “freedom movements” in order construct the conditions of true freedom and prosperity. That being said, I still felt it was worth my time to break down aspects of these movements that I have found to be completely contradictory and thus need to be removed from the general consensus. A naive and foolish endeavor to be sure.

No man acting in a United States person (legal status) or other national citizenship is an involuntary slave, but necessarily and by law is a volunteer. To consent directly or indirectly is to volunteer to the doctrine of master and servant.

That beings said, it’s not required to contract with the government. It’s possible and quite simple to remove your citizenship status. Contracting with the government is completely and 100% voluntary. The argument that there was a gun to my parents head when they signed my birth certificate (a common argument from the Libertarian/Voluntaryist movements) is utterly false. There was also no gun present when I then applied for a drivers license, contracted under a w4, registered my vehicle, purchased property and all other actions which require the use of me acting under my legal name. This was all done voluntarily. The argument that we have been forced into the conditions we’ve created is a lie. We are creating these conditions through our own free will decisions.

If a parent voluntarily signs the ownership of a child over to the government they are not being mugged and forced to do so. They are voluntarily doing this. There is no gun being pointed at the parents and it’s not required to subject the child to being a citizen of the United States.

There is no amount of coercion, financially or otherwise, imposed upon parents which justifies the action to sign a child over to the state and claim that you have involuntarily done so. It is voluntary to consent to be governed and any other claim is a contradiction, misunderstanding, or possibly a lie meant to confuse and control it’s believers. There are plenty of ways to exist outside of this legal contract and it’s not required for life to be a citizen of any nation.

In order to remain a voluntary slave, the child must continue through life operating in the legal fiction which has been created for them. Their own ignorance of these conditions will validate and provide the consent necessary for the government to qualify the behavior as that of its voluntary citizen. Ignorance is not an excuse that nature is going to give us a break on. We will suffer the consequences of our actions regardless of how ignorant or even nescient we were when acted and created these conditions.

There is no guarantee of safety if one chooses to revoke their voluntary citizenship and serve no government. If one chooses to obey only the laws of Nature (Gods law) there is nothing in Nature which provides a guarantee that there won’t be threats or acts of violence conducted against you.

Giving up our freedoms is still a choice regardless of any excuse we want to make as for why we behaved a certain way. Even if there is a gun to your head, which there almost never is, it’s still voluntary how you choose to respond. There is no guarantee that your choice will lead to immediate safety. You know, the whole “liberty or death” sentiment. Even if we are being held in a state of duress we will have the ability to choose how we will respond.

Freedom does not guarantee safety. Putting a feather up your butt does not make you a duck and wearing the label, “Voluntaryist”, doesn’t give anyone the moral high ground. If we are being honest with ourselves, then the truth is that we are all Voluntary Slaves! That’s a hard pill to swallow, especially for those in the “Freedom movements” who would never dare to admit they are really just an ignorant coward. This would at least be honest. We can then provide for this truth by starting from what is real. The real conditions of our servitude is that the chains are loose and can be taken off at any time.

I see the average voluntaryist basically saying “I will say one thing, but act completely different”. It’s a contradiction in itself to claim you are a voluntaryist, but then voluntarily maintain relations that are “non-consensual” by the voluntaryist own definitions.

Voluntaryists will go along paying all manner of taxes and claiming that they pay their taxes under a state of duress. However, what this means is that by definition that are actually not a voluntaryist. It’s a contradiction and you are a slave who does what their master says to do. In other words, you are really a volunteer, but it appears you’ve only begun to understand what this really implies and now are throwing a fit on the floor like a two year old and demanding the relationship which you consented to end. Well, that’s not how it works folks. Reality doesn’t work that way.

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In this video I discuss the contradictions of the modern “Voluntaryist” and issues within the “freedom movement” (notice the quotes I’m using to describe these fake movements).

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