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Welcome to the Bio-PsyWar which is part 9 in the series.

This episode is a continuation of the recent work I’ve done on:

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We opened the episode with a clip form Anthrax War. A description from the website is included below:

ANTHRAX WAR a provocative new investigative documentary by filmmaker Bob Coen and Executive Producer Eric Nadler that examines the 2001 Anthrax Attacks and offers a frightening glimpse into today’s secret and dangerous world of germ weapons. DEAD SILENCE is the accompanying book that fills out the story of the global investigation that the documentary could only outline.

Unit 731 was the topic of discussion moving forward, and we pointed back to this missing chapter read from by Dave Emory from the Unit 731: Japanese Army’s Secret of Secrets by David Wallace Peter Williams – 1989-08-01. We then read from the a different book on unit 731, Unit 731 – Laboratory of the Devil: Auschwitz of the East (Japanese Biological Warfare in China 1933-45) By Yan-jun Yang.

Brought up a few times in this addition of the Bio-PsyWar is Porton Down. Porton Down a British Bio-Weapons research fascility used in the Second World War period:

Second World War[edit]

During the Second World War, research at CDES concentrated on chemical weapons such as nitrogen mustard. As Allied armies penetrated Germany, they discovered operational stockpiles of munitions and weapons that contained new chemical warfare agents, including highly toxic organophosphorous nerve agents such as sarin, unknown to Britain and the Allies at the time.[5]

To examine biological weapons, a highly secret separate department, called the Biology Department, Porton (BDP), was established within CDES in 1940, under veteran microbiologist Paul Fildes. Its focus included anthrax and botulinum toxin, and in 1942 it infamously carried out tests of an anthrax bio-weapon at Gruinard Island. In 1946, it was renamed the Microbiological Research Department (MRD) and, in 1957, the Microbiological Research Establishment (MRE).

The Common Cold Unit (CCU) was sometimes confused with the MRE, with which it occasionally collaborated but was not officially connected. The CCU was located at Harvard Hospital, Harnham Down, on the west side of Salisbury.[5]

We then shared a clip from Dave Emory and the program, FTR #606 Project Paperclip and AIDS,

Program Highlights Include: Zacharias’ founding of a company in Spain in 1944; Zacharias’ company’s longstanding relationship with the security services of fascist dictator Francisco Franco; the profound relationship between the Underground Reich and the Spanish intelligence services; review of testimony before a House subcommittee in 1969 that directly foreshadowed the appearance of AIDS; review of the background of Dr. Wolf Szmuness—the creator of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine that appears to have been a major vector for deliberately infecting people with AIDS; Szmuness’ longstanding friendship with Pope John Paul II; the South African background of Roderick Murray—a key official with the National Institutes of Health; review of the Nazi heritage of the apartheid regime of South Africa; this description contains a consummately important review of the use of cancer research programs as cover for biological warfare both in Nazi Germany and in the United States; indications that what was known as bubonic plague may well have been a variety of hemorrhagic fever, perhaps native to a Middle Eastern of African principality.

1. The program begins with a look at an excerpt from testimony before a House appropriations subcommittee that was drawing up the defense budget for the following year. (The hearings were in 1969.) The testimony discusses the possibility of using genetic engineering to produce a disease that would be “refractory” to the immune system. This is virtually the clinical definition of AIDS. It is worth noting that the project was funded, and just such a disease—AIDS—appeared in just the time frame posited. It is also worth noting that, in the 2002 edition of A Higher Form of Killing, this passage is omitted!!


C-C chemokine receptor type 5, also known as CCR5 or CD195, is a protein on the surface of white blood cells that is involved in the immune system as it acts as a receptor for chemokines.[5]

In humans, the CCR5 gene that encodes the CCR5 protein is located on the short (p) arm at position 21 on chromosome 3. Certain populations have inherited the Delta 32 mutation, resulting in the genetic deletion of a portion of the CCR5 gene. Homozygous carriers of this mutation are resistant to M-tropic strains of HIV-1 infection.[6][7][8][9][10][11]

Biologists at the University of Liverpool have discovered how the plagues of the Middle Ages have made around 10% of Europeans resistant to HIV.

Scientists have known for some time that these individuals carry a genetic mutation (known as CCR5-delta 32) that prevents the virus from entering the cells of the immune system but have been unable to account for the high levels of the gene in Scandinavia and relatively low levels in areas bordering the Mediterranean.

The coronavirus is a rapidly developing news story, so some of the content in this article might be out of date. Check out our most recent coverage of the coronavirus crisis, and subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter.

The federal government still isn’t sharing any official statistics regarding the racial breakdown of coronavirus deaths. But this information is starting to seep out at the local level from some states and cities, showing that the pandemic is disproportionately killing Black Americans and other communities of color.

In Chicago, new data released Saturday showed that 70 percent of people who have died from COVID-19 in the city were Black, according to a report by the radio station WBEZ. Black people make up 29 percent of the city’s total population.

An international team of AIDS scientists has discovered that a gene variant common in blacks protects against certain types of malaria but increases susceptibility to HIV infection by 40 percent.

Researchers, keen to find some biological clues to explain why people of African descent are bearing a disproportionate share of the world’s AIDS cases, suspect this subtle genetic trait – found in 60 percent of American blacks and 90 percent of Africans – might partly explain the difference.

A Higher Form of Killing opens with the first devastating battlefield use of lethal gas in World War I, and then investigates the stockpiling of biological weapons during World War II and in the decades afterward as well as the inhuman experiments con-ducted to test their effectiveness. This updated edition includes a new Introduction and a new final chapter exposing frightening developments in recent years, including the black market that emerged in chemical and biological weapons following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the acquisition of these weapons by various Third World states, the attempts of countries such as Iraq to build up arsenals, and–particularly and most recently–the use of these weapons in terrorist attacks.


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